a hearty welcome to

Thai Traditional Massage Bülach


and a hearty welcome to Thai Traditional Massage. We are pleased to welcoming you to our thai massage practice in Bülach since 2010.

Let us take you on a short vacation during a relaxing Thai massage in an authentic atmosphere, to relieve your pain or simply to regain strength before you return to your daily routines.

As qualified Wat Po masseurs, we always strive to support you as best as possible with a traditional Thai massage, a foot reflexology massage or an aroma oil massage, be it to simply unwind yourself or to counteract the symptoms that strain you. We invite you to learn more about the different massage variations and their effects on your body and soul on the following pages.

Even if you are of best health, a Thai massage can support you providing the necessary relaxation and strength through targeted activation of the body's ten energy meridians to master upcoming tasks harmoniously and with maximum concentration.

Thai Massage Room / Thai Massage Raum

Thai Massage

During a traditional Thai massage, gentle and rhythmic pressure is applied and the whole body is being stretched. The applied pressure specifically stimulates all ten energy meridians (Sen Sib) of the body, allowing deep relaxation by dissolving blockades and ensuring the body energy can flow freely again.

Such massages can be slightly painful, but each person has an individual pain perception level. However, the more regularly you treat yourself to such a massage, the more you get used to the pressure on the body.

Although this is a full body massage, the clothes are kept on and the massage is carried out through the clothes. Thin fabrics should be worn as massage clothing which we will provide for you to optimise the effect of the massage.

Aroma Oil Massage Room / Aromaöl Massage Raum

Aromaoil Massage

The Thai aroma oil massage is a full body relaxation massage which has its roots in the Indian Ayurveda.

Scented oils consisting exclusively of natural ingredients are used for this kind of massage. The scents are helping against a variety of physical and mental symptoms. By rubbing the oil enriched with vitamins gently into the skin, it nourishes the skin so it becomes smooth and soft. The well-being of body and soul is improved and it can happen that you fall asleep during the massage.

During the Massage you will keep your your underwear on and will additionally be covered with towels.

Compared to a traditional Thai massage, an aroma oil massage is being carried out with less pressure and with more circular movements. This massage is particularly recommended for people who find the pressure in traditional Thai massage too painful.

Foot Reflexology Massage Room / Raum für Fussreflexzonen Massage

Foot Reflexology Massage

The roots of foot reflexology massage lies in ancient China and dates back over 3000 years. The Thai foot reflexology massage has been developed based on the Chinese massage under Indian and Thai influences and has been refined and perfected during all those years.

The Thai foot reflexology massage stimulates the activity of inner organs by pressurisation of reflexology points on both feet. All areas, extremities and joints as well as calves and shins are treated, where the sensory nerves of all inner organs of the human body are rooting. By specifically addressing these points, the massage leads to deep relaxation of the whole body and strengthens the immune system by improving the activity of inner organs as well as blood and lymph circulation.

Prices for Single Massages and Abonnements

Our prices differ based on the duration and type of massage. The recommended massage duration is 90 minutes.

Massages   60 mins
90 mins
Aromaoil   89 119
Foot Reflexology   89 119
Thai   99 129

If you would like to treat yourself to a massage on a regular basis, we recommend one of our subscriptions, which are valid for one year from the date of issue for all massages in the same price range and are also transferable (can be shared with family and friends).

Subscriptions Massages
+1 free
60 mins
90 mins
Foot Reflexology
6 534 714
10 890 1190
Thai 6 594 774
10 990 1290


Thai Traditional Massage
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